Gli studenti dell’indirizzo Cambridge IGCSE partecipano ad una Geography field trip nella campagna inglese tra natura incontaminata, esperienze didattiche e esperimenti scientifici.
Gli studenti delle classi 2F e 2M del corso Cambridge IGCSE, seguiti in Italia dalle insegnanti di Geography Sonia Fornari e Debbie Biscaro, accompagnati dai docenti Enrica Frati, Susi Probo e Laura Monaci, sono partiti il giorno 25 ottobre 2019 per una field trip di studi ambientali realizzata in collaborazione con Field Study Council. Questa organizzazione, impegnata sul fronte dell’ecologia e degli studi ambientali, organizza corsi residenziali per studenti inglesi e stranieri. Di seguito il diario di bordo delle attività con le impressioni dei giovani scienziati e dei loro insegnanti inglesi.

Course outline- students' and teachers' feedback comments

Day 1 (Friday 25th October)
-Arriving at Juniper Hall
-Introduction to the River Tillingbourne and the variables to be measured
-Setting of hypotheses and discussion of sampling strategy for the following day
-Waterproof equipment issued
"As soon as we arrived at Juniper Hall we fell in love with the countryside. In our first class we were introduced to the features of the River Tillingbourne by the English tutors who showed us around the campus and provided us with all the waterproof equipment" (2F)

• We enjoyed beginning the course and getting to know the students. (Ben Tse-Laurence)

• We were particularly impressed with how good the students’ knowledge of English was! (Keziah Arnold)

Day 2 (Saturday 26th October)
-Setting of hypotheses and discussion of sampling strategy on the River Tillingbourne (second part)
-Travelling to the River and sample taking
-Lunch on site
-Getting back to Juniper Hall
-Data presentation and analysis
-Introduction to coastal fieldwork for the following day
"Today I got really excited because I felt like Peppa Pig when wearing my wellington boots to walk into the river." (2F) "We learnt about all the sampling techniques and measured the width, the depth and velocity of the different parts of the river in order to understand how the Tillingbourne River changes in its course" (2M)

• Despite the typically British rain the students worked well and stayed warm with their enthusiastic demeanour and willingness to get involved. (Ben Tse-Laurence)

• The students dealt well with the busy workload and were quick to start using the correct terminology to describe their findings. (Keziah Arnold)

Day 3 (Sunday 27th October)
-Travelling to Seaford: fieldwork using a range of sampling techniques and carrying out surveys
-Lunch on site
-Returning to Juniper Hall
-Processing collected data
-Setting mammal traps for the following day
"Today we had fun because we travelled by coach to the seaside. We also interviewed locals from Seaford (East Sussex) to carry out a survey randomly. We gathered data to find out how much people know regarding coastal management.
Although interviewing those people was embarrassing at first we then got used to it" (2M)
"We took and labelled photos of the west and east (including cliffs) beaches from the Terminal Groyne with an iPad using an app called Skitch. When we measured the width and the height of the beach we realized that it gets wider and higher next to the terminal groyne, as was stated in the hypotheses" (2M)

• The students were excited to show off their excellent knowledge surrounding coasts and we were both very impressed in our introductory lesson to Seaford. (Ben Tse-Laurence)

• The students went above and beyond our normal expectations for questionnaire collection, being much more confident and proactive than some of our English students. (Keziah Arnold)

Day 4 (Monday 28th October)
-Checking mammal traps
-Coastal fieldwork follow-up, conclusions and evaluations
-Afternoon visit to Guildford
-Evening – Night walk exploring Juniper Top
"This morning we checked our live animal traps to see if we had caught any mice, voles and shrews; unfortunately, it had been freezing cold at night so mammals didn’t go in there. Then we processed the coastal management data we had gathered the day before" (2F)
"The locals interviewed are aware that both the terminal groyne and the wall protection prevent the coast from eroding"(2M)
"In the afternoon we visited Guildford- it was great fun because we had plenty of time to go shopping and see the main landmarks too" (2F)

Day 5 (Tuesday 29th October)
-Intro to Ashtead and Brockham (London's Greenbelt)
-Investigation of the effects of counter-urbanisation and suburbanisation
-Travelling to Brockham Ashtead for fieldwork including surveys and tallies to estimate urban migration
-Returning to Juniper Hall
-Presentation and analysis of human data
-Evening – campfire!
"We enjoyed visiting Ashtead and Brockham because it was very interesting to study the impact of urban sprawl" (2F)
"We were divided into groups and we were given a few aspects to deal with to do our tallies. We enjoyed applying what we had previously studied while working together and exploring the different urban areas. (2M)
The campfire on campus was great fun and the roasted marshmallows were really tasty" (2F)

• Throughout the week the students supported each other and demonstrated very cohesive teamwork which was lovely to see for Kezzy and I. They were generally really mature students and upbeat about everything. (Ben Tse-Laurence)

• Overall Ben and I were really impressed with the students. Their grasp of English was amazing and their knowledge surrounding physical geography was very good - particularly how well prepared they were for coastal studies. (Keziah Arnold)

Day 6 (Wednesday 30th October)
-One-day trip to London
-Returning to Juniper Hall
"London is an amazing city full of history but there are also many modern buildings. Our guided tour was really engaging- many of us had never been to London before. We definitely made the most of our free time in Piccadilly Circus" (2F)
" We got to Buckingham Palace just in time to view the Changing of the Guard. The hop on and hop off tour with our guide let us see the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, Trafalgar Square, Covent Garden, the Tower of London and St. Paul's Cathedral. From the Millenium Bridge we saw the Tate Modern, the Globe and the London Eye. In the end, we enjoyed a rooftop view of the various skyline sights". (2M)

Day 7 (Thursday 31st October)
-Half-day visit to Dorking
-Dorking museum and St Martin's Church
-Flight back to Italy



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